Port of Piraeus

TRANSFER - Port of Piraeus

Destinations Time Standard
(4 people)
(4 people)
(4 people)
(8 people)
Shuttle bus
(19 people)
Thessaloniki, Airport "Makedonia" 05:38 430€ 480€ 550€ 550€ 825€ Order
Thessaloniki City 05:38 430€ 480€ 550€ 550€ 825€ Order
Athens Airport 00:35 50€ 55€ 100€ 95€ 170€ Order

Piraeus is the largest port in the Mediterranean. Its territory is so vast that in order to find your way there, it would be wise to purchase or download a map. Several hours prior to the liner departure buses come to drive the travelers to specific berths. A transfer car still remains the most convenient means to reach the port of Piraeus. Having ordered a transfer, you can stop worrying about your luggage; experienced drivers from Hellenic Taxi will take care of your trunks, as well as bring you with maximum safety and speed to your destination.

Distances to big transport points

What other transportation can be used

Subway – Getting to the port of Piraeus is possible by subway with one change. Usually trains depart twice per hour (on the 3rd and on the 33th minute of every hour).

Intercity buses – You need to know in advance where and at what time suitable bus stops. In the port of Piraeus buses depart every 20 minutes during the day and every 40 minutes between 22.30 and 5.00.

Public taxis – You can order a taxi by phone in the Greek language or catch a car in the street. Taxis usually cost more than economical transfer, and level of service is quite ordinary