The Chalkidiki peninsula is the most popular tourist destination of Northern Greece. Transfers to this region are generally ordered during the holiday season.

The shape of the Chalkidiki peninsula reminds of a trident. Its first “finger”, Kassandra, is known for its hectic night life and remains appealing firstly to young people. The second “finger”, Sithonia, is more peaceful and calm, covered with pine forests and gleaming with turquoise waters. This is a perfect vacation area for both families with children and camping fans. The only casino in Northern Greece is also situated in Sithonia. The third “finger”, Mount Athos, is always talked about with religious awe: the unique Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain is located here. Only men are permitted to enter its territory.

Any place on the Chalkidiki peninsula can be reached both via public transport and special transfers. Long haul (intercity) buses follow specific routes and stop only in large villages and along the route. Local taxi service is available in the Greek language on the phone. It is also possible to catch a taxi on the road, but this method is quite inconvenient. Only an individually ordered transfer will guarantee a comfortable ride straight to your destination. An employee of Hellenic Taxi will meet you at the specified place and take care of your luggage.