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The second largest city in Greece and the capital of Central Macedonia is Thessaloniki. Today it is the cultural capital of the country: the city is famous for its festivals and events, and is also known as the youth capital of the Balkans. Beside that, it is also a city with more than three thousand years of history, which has imprints of the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman Empires and Jewish population, which once dominated here. The old city center ( “Ano Poli” or “the Upper City”), located to the north of the modern city center, luckily was not damaged during the great fire in 1917. Today the whole of it (as well as many city churches) is included to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In order to move between the important points of the city, it is more convenient to use transfers, as there are frequent traffic jams along the narrow streets of the ancient metropolis. Besides, subway is being constructed everywhere. A transfer driver will pick you up at any needed place and quickly deliver you to the destination. All our drivers speak English and know the city very well.